Milkshake Syrups

Just when you thought you’d never have a milkshake again because your tastes had matured…..

In comes The Real Milkshake Co. with our all natural, authentic tasting milkshake sryups.

Imagine: a banana milkshake that tastes like a real banana, and not the ‘lolly’ version you’d find in a pick n mix!

Our highly concentrated formula means you get more bang for your buck with up to 66 standard size shakes in each 2L bottle and we’re keeping tummies happy by ensuring they are gluten free.

Grab our milkshake syrups today. They look fabulous on your shelf and are a healthier version than the alternatives on the market.

Why not try our Milkshake Starter pack and get cracking with serving some of the best shakes in town!   Click here to order.

Features and Benefits